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Colonel Luke Gibson has two sons; Kyle is a gifted singer-songwriter, living a life of excess and success; Mike is a Captain in the Scottish regiment which the Gibson family have served in for generations. Like any father, Colonel Gibson must let his boys forge their own lives but as his soldiers risk their lives destroying heroin poppy fields in Afghanistan, watching Kyle fuel his music career with drugs becomes increasingly hard to accept. When his wayward son finally hits rock bottom, what should a father do? Kyle has taken his money, tarnished his reputation and insulted his name… but he is still his son!

Can Kyle return home to his father and his military community after he has rejected them so publically? What reception can he expect? And what about Captain Mike Gibson; the ‘good’ son who has been dutiful to the regiment and his father? How will he respond to Kyle’s return? And how will Colonel Gibson balance his love and care for two such different sons?



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This fast-moving, highly-energised show aims to face the messy realities of family relationships and question the consequences of our actions as children and as parents. It is a story with no easy answers; no simple messages and it is packed with resonance for a contemporary audience. The Prodigals seeks the meaning of this simple, ancient tale of unconditional love in the modern world. From its explosive  street dance choreographic opening on patrol in Helmand Province, underpinned with an exclusive dubstep track from Koan Sound, through the comic absurdities of Kyle’s drug-induced hallucinations, The Prodigals drives on this extraordinary tale with stunning new music and dance and a script that challenges us to confront the toughest of emotional battlegrounds.

“The parables have endured with never diminishing meaning for centuries, because they are universal and touch on our everyday lives. Updating stories has been a potent mechanism in the theatre ever since Shakespeare. So I am fascinated by the possibilities of this new musical project. In the hands of my friend and colleague Joe Harmston, it is bound to be both dynamic and different.”
Sir Trevor Nunn, CBE



Quotes & Reviews


“Belting Baritone Arias ... Amy (Winehouse) and Afghanistan Collide”

Libby Purves, THE TIMES

'The staging is stunning... the acting and singing is top notch... Be prepared for a night of raw emotion.'

Catherine Vonledebur, COVENTRY TELEGRAPH

'Amazing show! Can't stop singing We Are One!'

Audience member via Twitter

'Joe Harmston and Ray Goudie's show has a sweaty, muscular and musical power... a gritty grace and pace.'

Mark Shenton - THE STAGE

'This is a production with wide appeal.... This production gets my full vote.'


'This has got to be the best show to hit the stage anywhere in the UK at the moment'

Audience member via Facebook

'Cried at The Prodigals and laughed twice as much. Best musical I've seen.'

Audience member via Twitter

'Packs a significant punch.'

Jonathan Baz

Cast Coventry Production

Simon Bowman

Colonel Luke Gibson

Greg Oliver

Kyle Gibson

Sarah Watson

Kelly Byrne

Sam Ferriday

Mike Gibson

Melanie Brown

Female Ensemble

Louise Chapman

Female Ensemble

Emma Franklin

Female Ensemble

Sarah Wilkie

Female Ensemble

James Marshall

Mac / Male Ensemble

Omari Bernard

Male Ensemble

Simeon John-Wake

Male Ensemble

Jamie-Ray Hartshorne

Male Ensemble


Joe Harmston

Co-writer / Director

Ray Goudie

Co-Writer/ Creative Producer

Sean Cavanagh


Natalie Murdoch


Matt Smith

Musical Supervisor

Ben Harrison

Sound Designer

Ben Cracknell

Lighting Designer

Anne Vosser

Casting Director

Brendan Riding

Military Supervisor

Louise Rhoades-Brown

Video Projection Designer

Zoe Wickham

General Manager for Inspire


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